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A Dinner Experience for Friends


I, ____________________________, being an adult over the age of 18, hereby affirm that I understand that I am attending a BDSM Play Party on __________________, at the BDSM Dungeon, located at 932 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas, 77018. I understand that during this party I will be exposed to nudity, and sadomasochistic (S&M) scenes, involving such things as floggings, whippings, knives, hot wax, electricity, and other accoutrement of S&M play. Such play may be very extreme, and even of a sexual nature. I represent that I am not offended by such situations, and that I am here of my own desire and choosing. I shall make no complaint concerning any such activities to any law enforcement officials or agencies, and, if I am not comfortable in any way with what takes place during such activities, I agree to simply leave the premises.

I further understand that there will be people involved in this S&M Play Party who will be partaking of alcoholic beverages. I agree to this, and agree that if I also partake of alcoholic beverages, I shall do so in moderation, and shall refrain from being involved in S&M Play if I am in any way affected by such alcohol. If I do participate in any S&M play while under the influence of alcohol, I agree to hold harmless any one associated with the Third Friday Dinner, House of Haway, Rusty Haway, the tenant of the dungeon at 932 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas, and the Landlord of such dungeon.

Further, I recognize that there are inherent risks in any S&M Play. I represent that I assume all of such risks, and release any one associated with the Third Friday Dinner, House of Haway, Rusty Haway, the tenant of the dungeon at 932 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas, and the Landlord of such dungeon, from any liability for any harm or injury which I may receive while engaged in such activities. I represent to each of such parties that I am fully competent to engage in all activities in which I shall participate during this Play Party, I know the risks involved, and I know and will use all appropriate safety measures to protect myself and any one joining me in such activities.

We want everyone to be comfortable attending ThirdFriday and want to be as open as we can to everyone's individual situation and desires. However, we do have to impose some limitations since this is an adult forum and it is in a public restaurant.

If escorts from show up dressed in some of the more elaborate fetish attire (even though it is considered legal from a public decency standpoint), it can prove to be somewhat unnerving to someone who has just ventured out into the public scene for the first time. It is hard for us to say just where the line is for some things... for example, some collars are like jewelry and not garish... some people may consider wearing a leather vest to be fetish attire... so what we ask is to keep things reasonable.

Introduction - ThirdFriday

Don't come in wearing floggers, corsets, latex outfits, etc. If someone takes exception and points out certain attire to one of the ThirdFriday representatives, you will be asked to leave. We realize this is a public restaurant, so it is not unheard of for someone to consider bringing the family along. However, this is an adult gathering, so some conversations may be of a nature that should not be overheard by children. If you have kids that are old enough to walk around on their own power, please don't bring them. This will be a great opportunity to meet with others, talk, share ideas, and learn! We hope to see you there!

ThirdFriday is a social event where people get together to share ideas and information. We encourage vendors and groups to attend and talk with folks who show up. People can hand out a short (1 page) brochure, representing their product(s) or group(s). It is the responsibility of the individual to remove all brochures at the end of the night, so that none are left behind. Please remember this should be a safe and "vanilla-friendly" event.